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polish citizenship lawyer More than 20,000 Israelis have obtained Polish citizenship in the years 2010-2017 — an increase of more than 250 percent over the previous seven years. TRANSLATORS, LAWYERS AND NOTARIES. Polish citizenship and Polish passport – truths and myths. Polish citizenship can be acquired by the virtue of law in the following cases:. Polish Citizenship Law . It a perfect place for searching polish citizenship lawyer! Granting of citizenship According to current law, citizenship can be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. In order to lose U. 303-475-7212. If you have an Armenian grandparent, the process is a bit more difficult, but still possible. I did it by bloodline as both of my parents are Polish and have kept their Polish citizenship. Citizenship of one or both parents. Since then, quite a few other Polish citizenship companies cropped up and there are some one-man operators and lawyers in Poland who provide citizenship Dual citizenship is a confusing issue, and the United States’ stance on being a US citizen and a citizen of another country can be pretty complex. Article 3 of the Polish Citizenship Act of 2009 states that a Polish citizen who is a citizen of another country enjoys the same rights and is liable for all duties towards the Republic of Poland, in the same way as any other Polish citizen. Your application will consist of documents, translated into Polish, forms, archival records, vital records, documentary evidence and other information. The Law Office prepares legal opinions and represents clients in matters related to citizenship. We render full range of services. Translations from Arabic to Polish made by Arabic lawyers or offices who are not registered on the above-mentioned list are not accepted as Applying for Romanian Citizenship, Obtaining the Romanian Citizenship att. In particular, it can be acquired by virtue of law, through granting Polish citizenship, recognizing as a Polish citizen or restoring Polish citizenship. Polish Citizenship by Marriage According to Polish law, a child, which at least one of its parents is a Polish citizen is considered a Polish citizen from birth. Polish Citizenship & Polish EU Passport, Warsaw, Poland. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. However, if you want to become a British Citizen, you will need a permanent residence card before you can apply. Therefore, if you have a Polish great grandfather, grandfather or father, it is very likely that you are eligible. In my country the polish consulate stopped issuing passports, so the lawyer taking care of the citizenship process advised me to go to a consulate somewhere in Europe to ask for my passport. Notice on processing of personal data stored in consular filing system. citizenship, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign citizenship voluntarily, by free choice, and with the intention to give up U. eu, a website dedicated to providing comprehensive information on Polish citizenship. S. Regarding the old passport, I assume it should be good enough (and the Polish Citizenship service will tell you if they require other documents). Polish citizenship equals EU citizenship The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 28 countries, one of which is Poland. Polish citizenship. N. Each applicant is required by law to prove that none of their Polish ancestors lost Polish citizenship. PolandPassport. We are specialized in Polish citizenship law. Our excellent legal assistance is provided by independent experts in the field of Polish citizenship, lawyers of various specializations, experienced representatives and documents researchers, as well as the use of advice and consultations provided by the staff of the relevant Polish government offices that we have developed good relations with Book your appointment with CK and Partners Law Office - Polish citizenship today. My name is Yishai, a software engineer with a Master in Computer Linguistics and MBA from Tel Aviv, Israel. Polish citizenship is based upon the principle of jus sanguinis (right of blood). Polish law does not forbid a Polish citizen from becoming the citizen of a foreign state but Polish authorities will only recognize the Polish citizenship. A lot of useful information about Poland can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior and Administration . Under the rules, a new, so far unknown in the Polish law, institution is created in the area of Polish citizenship acquisition: restoration of Polish citizenship. law and USCIS policy contain many safeguards and requirements to ensure that only immigrants who have entered into real, valid marriages are awarded His father was born in Poland and also had Polish citizenship. This can be accelerated by marriage but do not count on it. o obywatelstwie polskim’), which was published on 14 February 2012 and entered into force entirely on 15 August 2012. The power of combining heritage research, translation services and administrative government work. com (Polish mother in Hebrew) is an informative website for anyone who wants to get his Polish citizenship and passport, having Polish predecessors. It is crucial to provide original Polish documents proving that your Polish ancestor held Polish citizenship as part of your application for Polish citizenship. This law firm prides itself in handling complex immigration issues with reasonable rates and a personal touch. Hexon Poland has offices in London and Warsaw. We speak three languages: Hebrew, English, Polish. CK and Partners Law Office - Polish citizenship is a verified and approved member of this directory. Application for Polish citizenship. Attorney Nancy M. As far as I know (and I am not a lawyer) children of Polish citizens are Polish citizens. Polish citizenship is granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. by an adult who is physically and mentally fit. Legal language on this issue is confusing for me as a non-lawyer. This law gave the lawful offspring of a Polish father and the children of Polish women who were born out of wedlock, the right to citizenship. One of main specializations of CK Law Office Kancelaria Adwokacka is legal service for clients who wish to obtain confirmation of Polish citizenship and get a Polish (European) passport. Israelis say they view Polish passport as ticket to European prosperity Since Poland joined the By virtue of the law, a child acquires Polish citizenship when he or she is born to at least one parent who is a Polish citizen, irrespective of whether the child’s place of birth is in Poland or abroad (article 14 (1) of the Act). The citizenship is the capacity of the private person that evokes the permanent political, social, economical and juridical relationships between that private person and the state. They appeared on the electoral roll as Australian citizens between 1966 and 1968. Pursuant to the law, a child acquires Polish citizenship by birth to parents, at least one of whom is a holder of Polish citizenship, irrespective of whether the child was born in Poland or abroad (Article 14 point 1 of the Polish Citizenship Act). Book your appointment with CK and Partners Law Office - Polish citizenship today. citizenship. Related Stories EU MUST STOP The citizenship granted by the law of the country where the passport was issued. Recently, in the papers there has appeared the next text discussing the topic of the Israel citizens’ interest in obtaining the Polish passport and the so called ‘certificate of the Polish citizenship’. Mine should be simple I have my mother's birth certificate, old Polish passport, her An application for recognition as a Polish citizen is submitted to the Voivode (Article 34 of the Citizenship Law). Darie & Manea Law Firm provides legal assistance and consulting to clients who need to apply for a Romanian passport or Romanian citizenship. Our firm specializes in purposeful, intelligent and thorough representation for both employers and investors. com is dedicated to helping people obtain Polish (and EU) citizenship as a dual national. We help Clients who live in Poland as well as those who live abroad. While Migration Integration Policy Analyst Thomas Huddleston offers a useful in-depth analysis on how the law differs from former legislation, the main message is this: the path to Belgian citizenship, while clearer, is no less demanding. Legal advice in the matters of confirmation of Polish Citizenship by naturalisation can be revoked in some circumstances, eg if you concealed facts or made misrepresentations in your application. Note: the Italian consulate will keep all of these documents. citizen is that one can’t lose citizenship solely by living outside of the United States for a long time. I see only 1 downside as a dual citizen and that is what Aviatrix pointed out, if I am on Poland and have some law issues, I will be tried as a Polish citizen, I cannot ask for US help. ro. Because Polish law, including the Constitution, prohibits the revocation of someone's citizenship, your citizenship will be permanent and it can't be taken away I have an e-mail in to a lawyer who claims to understand such things. Persons who never had Polish citizenship may request to be granted Polish citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland. It is not necessary to be represented by a qualified lawyer in cases for the confirmation of Polish citizenship. The citizen is allowed to apply for the Polish passport at a Polish Consulate with such a certificate. Interestingly, the law now recognizes that a person is considered a child until the age of 18, but it is the case only from January 1, 1946 (entry into force of the Personal Law). We also handle cases which imply acquiring of birth, marriage or death certificates, as well as other official papers from all over Romania. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The freedoms, rights and obligations of persons and citizens law, Human right law, right of freedom law, Poland law, poland constitution. But I’m going to Poland anyway, so I was considering getting my passport there. Unfortunately, he died in 2006, leaving a trail of unhappy customers. Lawyers are useful if you don't know the language, and if your case is complex. Legal Representation. Below is the list of documents and vital records you will need to present to the Italian consulate. One of the many benefits of becoming a U. The question of how to define who is Polish is a separate question – a distinction between ethnicity (Polish, Jewish, German, a mix(!)) and citizenship is also obvious. Mr Ilan Charsky was a lawyer in Israel who predicted ahead of everybody else that Polish citizenship was going to be big. LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP : VOLUNTARY : Voluntary renunciation of citizenship may be in Poland or through the nearest Polish embassy. We assist with the obtainment and legalization of foreign as well Polish certificates. For example, you see the line in a passport issued in India: Nationality: Indian. According to the Polish Citizenship Act - 2012, a child acquires Polish citizenship on the date of his/her birth if at least one of his/her parents was a Polish citizen on the date of the child's birth. U. Located in downtown Seattle, L. The requirements for being granted Polish citizenship have changed, the obligation to know the Polish language has been We will guide you from the very beginning through all procedures of confirming Polish citizenship and obtaining a European Polish passport: eligibility check & case evaluation, legal advice, documents research, translations, citizenship confirmation, obtaining Polish civil acts and passport application. I. The information provided on this page is intended to give a general overview on how to obtain Austrian citizenship. The European Union’s members have access to an internal, single European market, having also a priviledge to live under a shield of a standardised system of laws that make the market homogenic. Polish Citizenship and Poland Residence Permit (TRP and PR) Guide. Poland is a member of the European Union and thus, Polish citizens may travel and reside freely in any country that is a part of the EU. Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law (Radio Public Polish citizenship by naturalization – This is having lived legally with a permanent karta pobytu (Polish green card or visa) for 5 1/2 years in Poland. by entering military service in a foreign country or by accepting a public office in a foreign country. The Polish economy and the country's demographics explain the need for a more flexible citizenship law. Immigration & Citizenship Skip to related topics, library resources, and law review articles. Chicago Immigration Attorney Lawyer Law Firm Speaking Spanish Polish Korean Language It doesn’t look very promising. For the reasonable fees he charges, I would highly recommend a lawyer for the process. By blood – being born to at least one parent holding Polish citizenship. Under Polish law, anyone born to at least one Polish parent automatically gains citizenship making them eligible to apply for a passport. The Law Office of Nancy M. This is the most common rule and applied to the majority of Polish citizens along with the second case described below. Polish Citizenship Confirmation and Corporate Services in Poland +48 22 2434952 We are a legal office, providing a wide range of services in the field of civil and administrative law. Get help navigating through the bureaucracy and complexity of claiming your Polish citizenship, to get hold of your new Polish EU passport faster and with no stress. If you’re living outside of Poland you should submit your application to the Polish Consulate in your country of residence. g. Vizer is a dedicated immigration law firm representing clients in Chicago and the Northern Virginia and D. We will conduct a full evaluation to determine if you are eligible for Polish citizenship in terms of Polish law. Polish citizenship can be acquired by the virtue of law in the following cases: By blood – being born to at least one parent holding Polish citizenship. As did his father. New York immigration attorneys. Also, there can be no break in Polish citizenship between the emigrant ancestor and the descendant. L. Polish nationality law is based primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis. Applications for the confirmation of the status of Polish citizenship are lodged with the relevant local Voivode whereas applications for reinstatement of Polish citizenship are lodged with the Minister for Internal Affairs. Citizenship and Immigration Services; U. 727-538-4171. Both U. According to statistics, in 2015 there were only 134 cases of British citizens formally asking for Polish citizenship. Asia Volatile Kashmir marred by protests over citizenship rights law. Article 2. Issues regarding Polish citizenship are regulated by the Law of 02. In accordance with the Polish Citizenship Act of 1951 Polish citizenship could be acquired through: 1. Our experienced lawyers represent clients from all over the world who, as Polish emigrants or their descendants, are interested in confirming their Polish citizenship. The Citizenship Sections of the Provincial Governor Offices in Poland are eligible to issue a decision confirming Polish citizenship or its loss. Birth: a child acquired Polish citizenship if both parents were Polish citizens or one of the parents was a Polish citizen and the other was unknown or his/her citizenship was undefined or unknown. In naturalization cases, attorneys licensed only outside the United States may represent an applicant only when the naturalization proceeding can occur overseas and where DHS allows the representation as a matter of discretion. Polish Lawyer USA & Poland. Can you then apply for citizenship of Prussia, Tzarist Russia or even the Austro-Hungarian Empire? There was a big push for citizenship for people from Kazakhstan and the east in general a few years ago, and i believe the ancestry went back all the way to exiles from pre Thirdly, under Italian law, since citizenship is obtained "iure sanguinis" no matter where the child is born, if a child was born in another country to parents who were still Italian citizens, that child automatically acquired Italian citizenship by birth. Because dual citizenship is complex and the rules and laws regarding citizenship vary from one country to the next, be sure to consult with qualified experts, including tax accountants and experienced citizenship lawyers. We can help you get dual Polish citizenship easily, if you have Polish ancestors. Polish Citizenship Law Service Piotr Cybula in Warsaw, reviews by real people. Lawyer's great advice for polish passportfunny Misbah Naurin. Agencies / Organizations . If your parents are unknown or don’t have any citizenship and by any chance you were found or born on the territory of the Republic of Poland – the rule stays the same. This word can be understood as adjective as well. Spot a Lawyer is a human edited directory that provides only quality information to its users. Magdalena Popeanga popeanga@dreptonline. The data, released last month by the In order to claim Italian citizenship, there are certain records the Italian consulate requires you provide them to prove your lineage. H. Visit us on: www. Children born to at least one Polish parent acquire Polish citizenship irrespective of place of birth. By virtue of law. areas. See 8 CFR 292. Immigration Removal/Deportation Defense Lawyer The Removal/Deportation process is fast and harsh. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Warsaw and beyond. I am currently applying to obtain permanent residence. We are sure that choosing our company is the best solution for people interested in certification of Polish citizenship. This means that those born to Polish parents generally acquire citizenship, regardless of the place of birth. 813-786-3911. A citizen of The Polish State who lost her Polish citizenship by marriage with a foreigner may have her citizenship reinstated if she makes a statement in an administrative office of her place of residence after the cessation of her marriage and settlement in Poland. POLAND LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP: VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of citizenship may be in Poland or through the nearest Polish embassy. Citizenship & Investment Consultancy. legal metters. e. In order to claim Italian citizenship, there are certain records the Italian consulate requires you provide them to prove your lineage. Polishcitizenship. The 1951 citizenship law, Article 4 stripped Polish citizenship for people who "1)due to the borders change in the Polish State acquired citizenship of another country on the basis of the international agreement" as well as Germans, Russians, Ukrainains, Belarusians, Lithuanians, and Latvians now residing abroad. Vizer s authorized to represent clients before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Immigration Court anywhere in the United States. It should be enough to have only one parent that is Polish to automatically be Polish, and there is no limit on the number of generations born abroad (as is the case with UK nationality for example). General Information. I have Canadian citizenship and Polish citizenship. Immigration Law Allows Dual Citizenship It would be nice if the U. Welcome to Polish-citizenship. green card (are An application for Polish citizenship has to be submitted in person to the Voivod’s office. If you have Polish (including Polish-Jewish) ancestry, you very well already may be a Polish citizen and qualify for an EU passport. In the past year I've been on a documents search (by myself and with a lawyer). lawyer We can also help you get Lithuanian and Latvian citizenships if you have ancestors from these countries. legal system, we provide services in Polish, French and English. ) that dual citizenship is allowed by the United States. Polish citizenship may be granted to children under guardianship only with the consent of the guardian expressed in an appropriate declaration made before the proper authority after prior compliance with the requirements of the pertinent foreign law. If you had an ancestor who emigrated, resided, and/or naturalized in another country, you need to acquire the relevant documents issued by that country. Dept. Law, P. A. This is a wide misconception since Polish law is confusing, many people assume the only people who can carry out this type of work are lawyers. The answer of how ethnicity should relate to immigration policy is harder but presumably there should be some correspondence (e. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) believes that a significant number of immigrant marriages are fraudulent and entered into for the purpose of obtaining U. The grant of Polish citizenship is governed by the Law on Polish citizenship of 2 April 2009. At the moment of declaration of the present act, the right to Polish citizenship serves every person, without distinction of sex, age, religion and nationality, who: Under Polish law there were in force, in the corresponding periods, the Statute on Citizenship of the Polish State of January 20, 1920 (in force between 1920 and 1951) and the Statute on Polish Citizenship of January 8, 1951 (in force between 1951 and 1962). This document is an unofficial translation of the Law on Polish Citizenship of 2 April 2009 (‘Ustawa z dnia 2 kwietnia 2009 r. Whilst Polish law does not explicitly accept dual citizenship, Polish citizens can hold dual citizenship. The citizenship law requires uninterrupted lineage between you and one grandparent with Polish citizenship, which was only possible after 1918. 04. Children born to at least one Polish parent acquire Polish citizenship irrespective of place of birth. lawyer or write to us info@ polishcitizenship. POLISH CITIZENSHIP. Citizenship and Naturalization-Based Forms Home > Tools > Multilingual Resource Center > Polish. residence. . Polish law dictates that even if you were born in Poland, you don't necessarily have Polish citizenship, since you get Polish citizenship by proving that your parents have Polish citizenship. Polish citizenship shall However, it is the prime status in British Nationality law. By virtue of law, a minor acquires Polish citizenship if: 1) at least one of the parents holds Polish nationality at the moment of the child’s birth (right of blood), or Polish citizenship law. Found this on another website touting dual citizenship: “However, obtaining Polish citizenship by descent is an easy way to get Polish citizenship if you meet some difficult conditions. 2009 on Polish citizenship. The main idea for launching Bulgarian-Citizenship. Agnieszka “Aga” Piasecka was born in Poland, graduated from Law school in Poland and in the United States and speaks fluent Polish, English and Italian. Persons who acquired Polish citizenship under the provisions of articles 2a and 3, item 2 of the Law of Polish Citizenship dated January 20, 1920 (Journal of Laws No. Polish citizenship by naturalization – This is having lived legally with a permanent karta pobytu (Polish green card or visa) for 5 1/2 years in Poland. Attorney Agnieszka “Aga” Piasecka . Chicago Immigration Attorney Lawyer Law Firm Speaking Spanish Polish Korean Language Lawyers are useful if you don't know the language, and if your case is complex. CK and Partners Law Office handles both the cases of people who already lived in Poland, as well as their descendants (children, grandchildren). , there are Poles in Kazakhstan who should Requisites For Polish Citizenship To help you get confirmation for Polish citizenship, an individual must be able to make sure their ancestors also had this citizenship, with out lost it at some time. I know a case (for a British Nationality) where the old passport was accepted to prove a link. Earlier, various regulations were in force in Poland from the period of partitions. By virtue of the law, a child acquires Polish citizenship when he or she is born to at least one parent who is a Polish citizen, irrespective of whether the child’s place of birth is in Poland or abroad (article 14 (1) of the Act). Polish citizenship law is notoriously complicated, but incoming passenger cards show Mr Falinski’s father Stanislaw and grandfather Leon both listed as Polish citizens. Guidance and information is provided here for people who wish to determine whether they are eligible for Polish citizenship. 11,767 likes · 6 talking about this. An application for Polish citizenship has to be submitted in person to the Voivod’s office. Polish citizenship shall At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, we are committed to providing aggressive and professional legal representation and counsel in all areas of immigration and nationality law. 1. Polish Citizenship Act 1920 Article 1. Citizenship can generally be claimed only by descendants of Polish citizens who left Poland after the country became an independent state in 1918. lawyer Polish Dual Citizenship by Descent Consultancy We provide full scope of services that you will require obtaining Polish dual citizenship by ancestry. Polish passports. Since then, quite a few other Polish citizenship companies cropped up and there are some one-man operators and lawyers in Poland who provide citizenship Citizenship by Investment Malta. Principles of citizenship are governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Citizenship Act of February 15, 1962. Polish citizenship and Polish passport Nearly 300 applications for restoration of polish citizenship For 4 months now foreigners may seek restoration of polish citizenship, which they had in the past and lost before 1 January 1999. This report aby the Law Library of Congress summarizes the citizenship laws in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The regulation regarding granting the citizenship is set out by the Statute of Citizenship of 2009. Polish citizen cannot simultaneously be a citizen of another country. We are a citizenship law specialist, providing legal advice for applications for citizenship of the UK, Germany and Ireland. A petition in India's top court challenging a law that grants special rights to the permanent residents of India-ruled Kashmir Please follow the instructions to schedule live consultation with one of our Polish citizenship experts Austrian Citizenship Important! Please schedule an appointment before coming to the embassy. Attorney Mario Madrid (Board Certified®) is a Houston, TX based criminal defense lawyer who takes pride in winning cases on behalf of Houstonians who walk into his downtown law office seeking his assistance and/or Madrid Law PLLC. Our firm offers fast and efficent help in dealing with solving problems and consulting in the following fields. polishcitizenship. British citizenship If you are an EU citizen and you have lived in the UK for 5 years you automatically acquire the right of permanent residence in the UK. The data, released last month by the Please follow the instructions to schedule live consultation with one of our Polish citizenship experts Teper Law Firm, LLC - Polish lawyer immigration matters little amnesty law criminal NJ (more info») Queen City Immigration Law is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based full-service immigration law firm that focuses on the strategic needs of our clients. Forms. Nationality law (or citizenship law) is the law in each country and in each jurisdiction within each country which defines the rights and obligations of citizenship within the jurisdiction and the manner in which citizenship is acquired as well as how citizenship may be lost. Poland - Polish Business Culture video - Duration: 2:47. Note : The information on this page is for guidance only. Am I - Answered by a verified Immigration Lawyer About us. Citizenship may also be automatically acquired at birth or derivatively through the U. practices immigration and citizenship law. Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services in the field of Polish citizenship law. Making one’s home in another country is a much bigger issue for people who haven’t yet naturalized, but still have a U. Armenian Law clearly states that an individual with at least one parent who holds Armenian citizenship can claim citizenship through ancestry. The Reich Citizenship Law stripped Jews of their German citizenship and introduced a new distinction between “Reich citizens ” and “nationals. If their queries are to be transferred into formal applications, figures from the entire last year will be outnumbered within one month. C. A citizen of The Polish State who lost her Polish citizenship by marriage with a foreigner will recapture it, if in an administrative office , she makes a statement of her place of residence after cessation of her marriage, and her settlement in Poland. Immigration and citizenship We are experienced in issues related to immigration and emigration with particular attention to migration between Poland and the U. While countries like Ireland can be done on your own (although lawyers are quite cheap), doing your own Polish citizenship case might leave you pulling your hair out. You need to apply to the Voivodeship Office (VO) in Warsaw to have your citizenship confirmed. Polish Lawyers in UAE Begin my journey Number of Israeli citizens hoping to gain Polish citizenship has increased since Poland joined EU. This is addressed to those persons who lost their citizenship, e. We specialise in aiding those with ancestral or family connections to these countries. Acquisition of Polish Citizenship – immigration to Poland In line with the binding regulations of Polish law there is a number of ways to acquire the Polish citizenship and move to Poland. The same goes for one's parents and grandparents and great-grandparents. The President in his constitutional power may grant Polish citizenship to any foreigner and his authority in this regard is unlimited and final. An attorney prepares an application for Polish citizenship and helps the applicant to gather documents required for such an application. Surprisingly, to apply for Polish citizenship you actually do not need a lawyer or a law firm to represent you. Al Watania Poland. Poland is one of the few EU countries to experience economic growth throughout the Continent's financial crisis; that growth is expected to continue. Mine should be simple I have my mother's birth certificate, old Polish passport, her University of Warsaw Faculty of Law and Administration Services Specializes in the service for foreigners, and in particular in obtaining confirmation of possession of Polish Citizenship and other documents necessary to receive a Polish passport. If someone got naturalized and gave up their Polish passport along the way, it could likely mean the chain is broken and you may not be eligible. CK Law Office Kancelaria Adwokacka. The Romanian Citizenship law detailed above was exclusively translated for the “Romanian Citizenship , Romanian Passport” web site. According to the law, if your mother or your father holds Polish citizenship, you get one as well. 1(a)(6). A completely new institution of acquiring Polish citizenship that was previously unknown to Polish law is the restoration of citizenship. Bulgarian Citizenship. In August 2012 a new act on Polish citizenship came into force. Introduced at the beginning of 2014, the Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) offers high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide citizenship in a highly respected EU Member Country. If you are interested in becoming a British Citizen, as experts in Citizenship and Immigration Services in the UK, we are well placed to help you. The procedure for obtaining the confirmation of Polish citizenship and for obtaining a European Polish passport may seem to be complex, but this procedure is logical and quite simple if conducted properly and divided into relevant stages. Polish citizenship gives You the benefits of traveling, working, studying and conducting business in any of the EU member states without any visas or permits. You can also voluntarily renounce your citizenship . com is to facilitate the efforts of the Bulgarian government to handle the negative impact on the demographic crisis in Bulgaria. Al Watania Polish Citizenship&Investment Consultancy is an exclusive immigration consulting firm of Polish lawyers and economists in Dubai which will provide you with European Union citizenship, by obtaining a Polish European passport directly. is a professional services corporation founded by Lesley Irizarry-Hougan. Your case may be represented by almost any person who has, according to the Polish Code of Administrative Procedure, "a legal capacity to act," i. Congress had, at some point, simply spelled out within the Immigration and Nationality Act (I. The Law Office of Monika Ellacott provides individual and institutional clients with a wide range of legal services including Trusts & Estates, Domestic Relations, Real Estate, Immigration. The concept of Attorney Agnieszka “Aga” Piasecka . Polish citizenship law. of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review 14. ” Certificates of Reich citizenship were in fact never introduced, and all Germans other than Jews were provisionally classed as Reich citizens until 1945. Imapolania. My citizenship by descent lawyer tells me Polish cases are some of the toughest out there. The general rules: If a child is born of Polish parents or if one of them is a Polish citizen and the other one is a citizen of another country, the child acquires Polish citizenship re POLISH CITIZENSHIP. In order to help our clients understand the intricacies of the U. The translation is not a substitute for the original Romanian law, nor is it a legal document and as such it has no legal validity. The rules for receiving Polish citizenship from a grandparent are a bit convoluted, but if you have Polish ancestors in your bloodline, it may be worth contacting a firm like CK Law Office . EU Polish Citizenship, legal services worldwide to obtain Polish passport, for people of Polish descent in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel due to worldwide spread Polish emmigration from XX century. 7, item 44 with amendments) shall not be deemed as Polish citizens if they have citizenship of a foreign state and reside abroad. Immigration attorneys (sometimes called “green card lawyers”) represent people who want to come to the United States, whether it be for schooling, work, or just a visit. polish citizenship lawyer